Puch Mistral

Puch is generally not a brand one would call collectible, highly valuable or even interesting (at least not the ones that were built after WW2 I guess). I however have a sweet spot for them, and I have had quite…

Minerva Starlite

Small Belgian brand, massive tubes, big tyre clearance and lots of anodization. Another piece of aluminium heresy.

Corratec 2002

German bike engineering from the nineties: good stuff. Their naming scheme: not so good. Anyways, this bike was awesome.


Leaving the #savethetriple tag behind. From 21 to 9 gears, from indexed to friction shifting. Upgrading by downgrading!

Koga Without Gears

The previous posts have all been about bikes that I built years ago, so here's something fresh, and also kind of different.


This was one of my most fun builds ever. Many different iterations, lots and lots of fiddling, only to get hit by a car in the end. Spoiler alert.

Kästle Trekking 1994

The cheapo gravel grinder, the DIY-cross, the monstourer, the heavyweight champion. The one that was built way before I had any sense for bike aesthetics.

DiamondBack Apex 1991

My better half was lacking a nice bike, and I didn't have anything to tinker on for a while. An ad came up. You know the rest.

Marin Redwood 1993

My main bike. The one that rides through everything. The one that I brought with myself when I moved across half the continent.